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The product quality and the high quality of the customer service like cost-saving maintenance services, technical consulting, support in the dispatching of the goods as well as customization of Hopf moulds to customer demands reflect the integral quality view of the company.

The Quality Management EN ISO 13485:2012 for medical production and the production in clean-rooms class 8 (100.000), the use of tested and certified raw materials like granules or steel of well-established suppliers and the in-process control with short testing intervals are the precondition for quality in the medical field. For precision parts in the company's technical division, also high standards are required regarding the raw materials and the injection parts. Unscrewing tools, injection moulds in in-mould procedure as well as technical parts with flame protection properties are demanding requests according to the injection method as well as to the tooling, which can be solved by A. Hopf GmbH as an experienced company.

Zertifiziert nach
EN ISO 13485:2016