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Mould making & Rapid Prototyping

In-house mould making means, in contrast to pure injection moulding companies, that we are independent of external mould making and have the full potential of possibilities concerning time schedule, fast solving of problems with the mould in the injection mould production, design (prototyping) and technical consulting with the best price of the injection moulded parts, the number of cavities and technical shape for the injection moulding process.

For your development, design projects and mould projects, you can rely on the competence of Hopf Company and the long-term experience in the field of development, mould making and injection moulding as a full service partner.

Basically the A.Hopf GmbH offers three different types of development: Besides sales and marketing of Hopf in-house developed parts and Hopfs own moulds, we produce special developed products exclusively for the customer or application oriented products in Co-development with customers. According to the special material and the choice of the steel of the mould, the prototyping and the quantity of parts, we decide on the number of cavities, the size of the mould corresponding to the injection moulding machine.

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